Yakov Krotov

Looking out for myself

I took this photo by chance.

My wife and I walked along the Moskva River embankment during the lockdown. The shot was taken from afar, with very strong magnification. I was mesmerized by it. I did not even remove the color to make the contours more clearly visible.

A homeless woman is sitting at sunset.Her belongings are put on the ground, behind her is a plastic bottle. Some incomprehensible chip, similar to a huge fallen pawn, casts a bizarre shadow. She smokes. I'm not sure, but it seems to me that she sits on the hatch through which the warm air from the subway exits.

Granite cubes from the bridge support, road, stairs to the bridge, arch (under the bridge there are garages). Volumes are not quite logical, there are too many. The heap. Just like on the engravings Piranesi "Carcheri", very popular in the XVIII century, and my favorite now.

It feels like a nightmare. This poor woman is thrown away by the world. Not from this world. Like Jesus.

This posture is the posture of a man who has eaten or does not care about food. A person who postponed care because of grief, happiness or immersion in himself.

This is the Christ in the painting by Mikhail Kramskoy.

This is the woman in the painting by Vasnetsov, a Russian follower of pre-Raphaelites with their unnatural gloom.

This is finally the "Thinker" of Rodin.

Rodin said it was a monument to workers, but in fact, he wanted to put this figure on top of the gates of hell in the most vulgar way. This is his most tasteless work.

All these works seem to me far inferior to the statue of a fighter, a contemporary of Christ. Maybe because only he is the one who looks up.This is not a gaze of hope, this is not a gaze at all, he rather listens.