Yakov Krotov

A Defence of Accuracy

I didn't write anything for a few months, waiting for any court decision concerning the riot of January 6th. I wrote then that rioters are not be blamed as "domestic terrorists." Why? Because "terrorist" is hate speech and "domestic terrorist" is a squared hate speech.

I am against Trump and everything which is connected with him, but I am against any lies also. It was a lie that rioters were terrorists and wanted to kill someone. It was a lie that the gallows erected by the rioters in front of the White House were really for hanging someone. It was just a symbol.

On July 20 Paul Allard Hodgkins. He was jailed for eight months. He pleaded guilty to one felony count of entering the Capitol to obstruct Congress.

There is the commandment "Thou doesn't kill."

There is no commandment "Thou doesn't obstruct a congress."

Why it is important to be precise?

Because it is important to be human. Monkey is an imprecise homo sapiens.

I understand that Democrats use exaggerations to overcome the lies of GOP. So they are saying that Trump was impeached twice. Still, he wasn't, to be precise. I wish he would.

Several times I've met a statement that 5 people became victims of this riot. Wow, rioters killed 5 people? No. They didn't kill or wounded anyone. One rioter was killed by a policeman. Other deaths were of natural causes and after the riot.

Democrats want to demonize demons. This is very dangerous. Democracy is based on the desire for truth and accuracy. Let Trump have a monopoly on fakes and exaggerations. I have too many troubles as a preacher and catechist explaining exaggerations in the Bible. Let us leave exaggerations to the Bible and live the life of accuracy. Whether Jesus was the Son of God? Precisely! Did He arise from dead? Absolutely! No less, no more.

Picture: one of my friends, from her kind permission. I enjoy making portraits.

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