Яков Кротов. Путешественник по времени. Вспомогательные материалы.

Non-Russian books


Abbot Suger and Saint-Denis.

Abulafia, Ann.

Abulafia, David.

Achilli, Giacinto.

Across the Wall.

Acta Conciliorum Oecumenicorum.

Acts of the Council of Chalcedon.

Adams, Colin.

Adams, Edward.

Adams, Sean A.

Adler, William.

Adler, Philip.


Afigbo, Adiele.

Africanus, Iulius.

Age of Saints?...

Age of Spirituality. 1980.

Agha, Salih Sa'id.

Aharoni, Yohanan.

Aland, Kurt.

Alberth, John.

Alberti, Leon Battista.

Albertz, Rainer.

Albi, Martin.

Aldred, Cyril.

Aldrich, Robert.

Alford, C. Fred.

Alikin, Valeriy.

Alivizatos, Hamilcar.

Allen, Kristen Leigh.

Allen P.

Allison, Dave C. Jr.

Allsen, Thomas.

Alobaidi, Joseph.

Alpert, Michael.

Alpion, Gezim.

Alten ubersetzungen des Neuen Testaments, die Kirchenvaterzitate und Lektionare.

Alter, Robert.

Althaus-Reid, Marcella.

Alvarez, Alma Rosa.

Ames-Lewis, Francis.


Analecta Bollandiana.

Anarchism. A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas, Vol. 2.

Ancient Jewish Christian Source.

Ancient Roman Sieges

Anda, Michael O.

Andersson, Knut.

Andric, Stanko.

Andreatta, Susan.

Andrew, Christopher.

Annual of Rabbinic Judaism.

Anshiso, Bekele.

Ante-Nicene Fathers. In 10 vols.

Anthony, David.

Anti-Judaism in Early Christianity.

Antisemitism: a historical encyclopedia of prejudice and persecution.

Antisemitism, Christian Ambivalence, and the Holocaust.

Anthology of Ancient and Medieval Woman's Song.

Apocalyptique iranienne.

The apocalyptic year 1000.

Apocryphon of John: synopsis of Nag Hammadi codices

Apologetics in the Roman Empire, 1999.

Apostolic Fathers.

Apostolus e codice monasterii Sisatovac...

Aramaic Studies (formerly Journal for Aramaic Bible).

Archeology and History of the Eighth-century Judah.

Ardito, Fabrizio.

Arendt Hannah.

Arnold, Clinton E

Arnold, T.W.

Art of of Drawing the Human Body.

Art of Medieval Spain, A.D. 500–1200.

Artigas, Martino.

Ashmon, Scott

Assis, Elie.

Asso, Paolo.

Augustin and his critics.

Authenticating the Activities of Jesus.

Authorizing Marriage. Canon, Tradition, and Critique in the Blessing of Same-Sex Unions.

Athanasius Alexandrinus Athanase d'Alexandrie.

Athanasius Kircher.


Augustine and his critics. 2000.

Austriaco, Nicanor Pier Giorgio.

Avery-Peck, Alan.

Avray L. d'.


Bagge, Sverre.

Bagnall, Roger.

Baert, Barbara.

Bahat, Dan.

Baidam, John.

Baillei, Kate.

Bakhtin and the Genre Theory in Biblical Studies.

Ball, Ann.

Ball, Karyn.

Ball, Warwick.

Balmer, Randall.

Bamyeh, Mohammed.

Banaji, Jairus.

Banner, William Augustus.

Barber, Malcolm.

Barbera, Gioacchino.

Barbiero, Gianni.

Barner-Barry, Carol.

Barnes, Michel Rene.

Barnes, Timothy.

Barnes Tatum, W

Barnstone, Willis.

Baronius Caesar.

Bartlett, John R.

Bartsch, Shadi.

Basilius Caesarensis

Basser, Herbert W.

Baum, Wilhelm.

Baus, Karl.

Beal, Timothy K.

Beasley-Murray, Tim.

Beattie, Blake R.

Beck, Erwin.

Beck, John Α.

Beckwith, John.

Bedos-Rezak, Brigitte Miriam.

Behr, John.

Belkin, Samuel.

Bell, Daniel.

Bell, David A.

Bell, Peter Neville

Bellenoit, Hayden J. A.

Bellosi, Luciano.

Benjamen, Louis.

Ben Ezra, Daniel Stokl.

Benko, Stephen.

Bennett, Byard John.

Bennett, Jana.

Bentley, Jerry.

Berg, Jacob

Berdyaev, Nikolay.

Berger, Adolf.

Berglund, Krista.

Bergman, Ted L.L.

Bergn, Paul.

Bergren, Theodore.

Bernis, Jonathan.

Berube,  Amelinda.

Between Judaism and Christianity.

Betz, Hans Dieter.

Beyond the Yellow Badge.

Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Bible Atlas. Ed. Ridling, Zaine.

Bible in Arab Christianity.

Bibliotheca hagiographica graeca.


Bieringer, Reimund.

Bilde, Per.

Billerbeck Paul.

Billig, Michael.

Billings, Rachel M.

Birley, Anthony.

Bitton-Ashkelony, Brouria.

Black, Edwin.

Black, Matthew.

Blackburn, Simon.

Blackwell Companion to Judaism - Sociology of Religion- Study of Religion

Blanks, David.

Blass, Thomas.

Bleiberg, Edward.

Blemmydae, Nicephori.

Blomberg, Craig L.

Boccaccini, Gabriele.

Bock, Darrell.

Bockmuehl, Markus.

Bodel, John.

Boer, Martinus de.


Bonde, Sheila.

Bonet, Florence.

Boojambra, John Lawrence.

Book of Esther in Modern Research.

books of Kings: sources, composition, historiography and reception.

Books of the Maccabees: History, Theology, Ideology.

Boonin, David.

Booth, Charlotte.

Borg, Marcus.

Borgen, Peter.

Bos, Gerrit.

Bos, Pascale R.

Boswell, John.

Bottero, Jean.

Boyarin, Daniel.

Boyer, Pascal.

Bowie, Angela.

Boyne, John.

Bradley, Jill.

Bradshaw, David.

Braiterman Z.

Brandon, Samuel.

Brass, Friedrich

Brauer, Jerald.

Braun, Georg.

Bredero, Adriaan.

Brennecke, Hanns.

Brenner, Athalya.

Brent, Allen.

Breshears, Gerry.

Brettler, Marc Zvi.

Breward, Ian.

Breytenbach, Cilliers.

Bri, Gerhard.

Brigham Young University Law Review. 1995.

Brinkley, Joel.

Broadhead, Edwin K.

Brockman, David R.

Bronner, Stephen.

Brooke, George.

Brother of Jesus.

Brown, David.

Brown, Davis.

Brown, Dennis.

Brown Francis.

Brown, Raymond E.

Brown, Scott

Browne, Katherine E.

Bruce St John, Ronald.

Brubaker, Leslie.

Brundage, James.

Bryan, Christopher.

Bryant, John.

Buddhism, Power and Political Order.

Benaboud, Muhammad.

Bullough, Donald A.

Burckhardt, Jacob.

Burg, Avraham.

Buringh, Eltjo.

Burke Rochford E.

Burkitt F.C.

Burnett, John.

Bushman, Claudia.

Bustacchini, Gianfranco.

Buth, Randall.

Butin, Romain.

Butler, Michael.

Byron, John.

Byzantine butrint: excavations and surveys, 1994-99.

Byzantine Constantinople.

Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents.

Byzantine orthodoxies.

Byzantine Saint. 1981.

Byzantine Saint. 2001.

Byzantine trade, 4th-12th centuries.

Byzantium: Faith and Power.

Byzantium in the year 1000.



Cabasilas, Nicolas.

Gabriele, Matthew.

Cady, Duane.

Cahill,  Lisa Sowle.

Caird George.

Calder, Nigel.

Callahan, Gene.


Callot, Olivier.

Cambridge Ancient History.

New Cambridge Medieval History.

Cambridge Companion to Atheism.

Cambridge Companion to Augustine.

Cambridge Companion to Jesus.

Cambridge Companion to Liberation Theology.

Cambridge Economic History of the United States.

Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations.

Cambridge History of China.

Cambridge History of Christianity.

Cambridge history of early Christian literature.

Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas.

Cameron, Keith.

Campbell, Brian.

Campbell, Jonathan.

Capizzi, Carmelo.

Caraher, William R.

Carr, David.

Carriker, Andrew.

Carynnyk, Marco.

Casiday A.M.

Celibacy and Tradition. 2008.

Celtic Ornaments.

Central Middle Ages. Europe 950–1320. 2006.

Cervi, Mario.

Chadwick, Henry.

Chadwick, Owen.

Chaliand, Gerard.

Changing Face of Christianity.

Chapman, David.

Charles, Robert.

Charlesworth, James H.


Chazan, Robert.

Chevalier, Ulysse.

Chilton, Bruce.

Christian Attitudes Toward the Jews in the Middle Ages.

Christian Origins and Greco-Roman Culture.

Christian Theology in Asia.

Christianity, Judaism and Other Greco-Roman Cults. Part 4. Judaism After 70.

Christmas, Ideology and Popular Culture.

Christology, controversy,and community: New Testament essays in honour of David R. Catchpole.

Chronica Nestoris. Vindobona, 1860.

Church and chronicle 1991.

Church, Nation and State in Russia and Ukraine. 1991.

Civitates orbis terrarum.

Clark, Christina A.

Clark, David George.

Clark-Soles, Jaime.

Classen, Albrecht.

Clavis Apocryphorum Novi Testamenti.

Cleghorn, Mark.

Clement d'Alexandrie.

Clemens Romanus.

Clercq, Charles De.

Cline, Eric H.

Cloisters Apocalypse.

Coats, Ruth.

Codevilla, Giovanni.

Cognitive acpects of religious symbolism.

Сohen, Emma.

Cohen, Naomi.

Cohen, Raymund.

Coinage and identity in the Roman Provinces.

Collins, Adela Yarbro.

Collins, John J.

Coming, Geoffrey J.

Commentary on Pseudo-Philo's Liber Antiquarium.

Companion to biblical interpretation in early Judaism. 2012.

Companion to the Eucharist in the Middle Ages. Leiden: Brill, 2012. 661 pgs.

Companion to Pastoral Care in the Late Middle Ages (1200–1500).

Comparative Handbook to the Gospel of Mark.

Comparing Religions.

Composition of Luke's Gospel

Concilium Florentium. Actorum Graecorum Concilii Florentini.

Conflict, cleavage and change in the Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Constantine. 1998.

Contemporary Christianity and LGBT Sexualities.

Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond.

Conway, Colleen.

Conversion in late antiquity and the Middle Age: seeing and believing. 2003.

Conversion to Christianity from Late Antiquity to the Modern Age. 2009.

Converting Cultures.

Cook, John

Cooper, Sandi E.

Corbett, Joey.

Corning, Caitlin.

Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae.

Corrywright, Dominic.

Cotter, Wendy.

Coustos, John.

Cox, Roger.

Cropper, William H.

Crossan, John.

Christian, Harry.

Companion to Ancient Egyptian Art.

Cragg, Gerald R.

Graham, William

Crimee entre Byzance et le Khaganat khazar. 2006.

Crisp, Oliver.

Christian, David.

Crown and veil.

Croix Ste. G.E.M.

Crompton, Louis.

Cross, Frank Moore.

Cumming, Ryan P.

Currun, Charles.

Cunliffe, Barry.

Cunnigham, Conor.

Cunningham, Jack James.

Cunninghamm, Lawrence S.

Curtis, Adrian.

Cusack, Carole M.


Dabashi, Hamid.

Daiches, Samuel.

Daley, Brian E.

Dalgaard-Nielsen, Anja.

Dalton, Nick.

D'Amico, John F.

Danielou, Jean.

Darnell, Emily J.

Dawisha, Karen.

David, Daniel.

Davis, Derek H.

Davis, Robert.

Davies, Brian.

Davies, Wendy.

Davies W.D.

Davila, James R.

Davis, Ellen F.

Davis, Stephen J.

Davies, William D.

Day of Atonement.

Day, Dorothy.

Day, John.

Day, Linda.

De Clercq, Charles.

De Goncourt, Edmond.

The Dead See Scrolls After Fifty Years. 1998.

Dead Sea Scrolls. 1999.

Deanesley, Margaret.

Debrunner, Albert

Degenhardt, Jane Hwang.

Bair, Deirdre.

DelCogliano, Mark.

Delisle, Leopold.

Della Portella, Ivana.

Dellon M.

Demaris, Richard E.

Deming, Will.

Democratic Changes.., 1997.

Derksen, Rick.

Desert Will Bloom. Poetic Visions in Isaiah.

Diadoque de Fotice.

Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible.

Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations. 2005.

Die Slawen in Deutschland.

Diggers at the well. 2000

Dignas, Beate.

Dilemmas of De-Stalinization.

Dillmann, Fr. Augustus.

Dyrud, Keith.

Ditommaso, Lorenzo.

The Divine Liturgy.

Dobbert, Tim.

Dorfman-Lazarev, Igor.

Donahue, Arwen.

Donaldson, Terence L.

Dorothy, Charles V.

Dawson, John David.

Dever, William G.

Draper, John William.

Driscoll, Mark.

Dumbarton Oaks Papers.

Dunn, James.

Dunn, Marilyn.

Dunning, Chester.

Durant, Will and Ariel.

Dussen, Michael Van.

Dying for the Faith.

Dynel, Marta.

Dyson, Michael Eric.

Dzielska, Maria.


Earle, Timothy.

Early Christianity on the Way from the Varangians to the Greeks.

Easter. Exploring the resurrection of Jesus.

Eastwood, Bruce.

Eckhardt, Benedikt.

Edmondson, Stephen.

Education in Greek and Roman Antiquity.

Edwards, David L.

Effros, Bonnie.

Egypt - Temple of the Whole World

Ehrman, Bart.

Einhorn, Stefan.

Eire, Carlos.

Eisenman, Robert.

Eisenstein, Marie Ann.

Ek, Fatma.

Elias, Norbert.

Eller, Jack David.

Elliott J.K.

Elliott, Thomas George.

Ellis, Marc H.

Elsner, Jas.

Elukin, Jonathan.

Embodiment, Morality, and Medicine.

Emery, K.O.

Emilsson, Eyjolfur Kjalar.

Encounter of Eastern Christianity with Early Islam.

Encyclopedia of British authors 16th and 17th centuries.

Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood In History and Society.

Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Encyclopaedia of Islam. Vols. 1-13.

Encyclopaedia of Judaism, 2005.

Encyclopedia of Holocaust literature.

Encyclopedia of love in world religions.

Encyclopedia of religion in America.

Encyclopaedia Judaica. 2007.

Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements.

Endress, Gerhard.

Engberg-Pedersen, Troels.

Engen, John h. van.

Enhanced Brown-Driver... lexicon

English Mystics of the Middle Ages.

Epstein, Joseph.

Ermatinger, James W. Daily Life in the New Testament. Greenwood press, 182 рр.

Eros grec: amour des dieux et des hommes.

Erotic in the Literature of Medieval Britain.

Eschatology, Messianism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Esoteric and Exoteric Aspects in Judeo-Arabic Culture.

Esparza, Daniel.

Essays on Ancient Israel in Its Near Eastern Context.

Essential Guide to Portraits. 132 pp.

Evans, Craig.

Everyday Religion.

Evolution of U.S. Counterterrorism Policy.

Exile. Old Testament, Jewish, and Christian Conceptions.

Exploring Genesis.

Exum, Cheryl P.

Ezra, Daniel Stokl, Ben.




Faidutti, Bruno.

Falola, Toyin.

Fanfani A.

Farmer, William Reuben.

Fawthrop, Tom.

Feldman, Louis H.

Feliu, Lluis.

Fentress, James.

Ferguson, Everett.

Ferguson, Thomas

Fergusson, David.

Ferraro, Gary.

Fiala,  Andrew.

Field, Sean.

Findlen Paula.

Finlan Stephen.

Finkelstein, Norman G.

Finley Moses.

Finsterbusch, Karin.

First Christmas.

Fischel, Jack R.

Five Gospels.

Flavian Rome: Culture, image, text.

Flavius Josephus: Translation and Commentary.

Flocard, Marie-Christine.

Florentin, Moshe.

Folbre, Nancy.

Fong, Wen.

Fontes, Manuel da Costa.

Forbes, Greg W.

Forrest, Barbara,

Forster, Mark.

Fourth Ezra and Second Baruch.

Fox, George.

Fox, Jonathan.

Fox, Robin.

Frakes, Robert.

Frasetto, Michael.

Fredriksen, Paula.

Freeman, Charles.

Freeze, Gregory.

French Painting 1774-1830.

Frend W.

Frerichs, Ernest S.

Friedlander, Gerald.

Friedlander, Saul.

Friedman, Victor A.

Friell, Gerard.

Fritsch, Charles T.

From Ancient Israel to Modern Judaism.

From Attila to Charlemagne.

From Jesus to John

Frommer's Salzburg.

Fry, Douglas.

Fryde E. B.

Frye, Rychard N.

Frykenberg, Robert.

Function of Scripture in Early Jewish and Christian Tradition.

Funk, Robert W.

Furst, Lilian R.


Gaastra, Adriaan Harmen

Gabrieli, Francesco.

Gaddis, John.

Gaddis, Michael.

Galen, Dick van Last;

Galileo, Galilei.

Gambetti, Sandra.

Gamble, Harry Y.

Gardiner, Frederic.

Garipzanov, Ildar H.

Garland, Lynda.

Garton, Stephen.

Gathercole, Simon.

Gaukroger, Stephen.

Gauldie, Robin.

Gayk, Shannon.

Gender and Power in Shrew-Taming Narratives, 1500-1700.

Genke, Victor.

Gergova, Diana.

Gessen, Masha.

Geybels, Hans.

Gibson, John C. L.

Gierlach, Boguslaw.

Gies, Joseph & Frances.

Gil, Moshe.

Gilbert, Martin.

Gilhus, Ingvild Saelid.

Gill, Anthony.

Ginzbirg, Christian.

Gleason, William.

Giddens, Anthony.

Gilmer, James.

Ginzberg Louis.

Glancy, Jennifer.

Global Wealth Databook 2015.

Gnostic Bible.

God's rule.

Godfrey, Neil.

Cohen, Shaye J. D.

Golden Rule. The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions.

Goldenberg, Robert.

Goldfinger, Eliot.

Goldstein, Jonathan A.

Goldstone, Jack A.

Golitzin, Alexander.

Gollaher, David.

Goncourt, Edmond De.

Cone, James H.

Goodenough, Erwin.

Goodson, Caroline.

Gordillo, Mauricio.

Gordis, Robert.

Gordon, Peter Eli.

Gordon, Mordechai.

Grabbe, Lester L

Cracraft, James.

Grafton, Anthony.

Grafton, David D.

Graham, Lloyd D.

Graham Loren.

Grandjonc Jacques.

Grant, Edward.

Grant, Michael.

Gray, John.

Green, Lowell C.

Greene, Robert H.

Green, William Scott

Greenspoon, Sidnie.

Greggs, Tom.

Gregoire de Nysse.

Gregory, Timothy E.

Gregory, Thaumaturgus.

Gress, David.

Grey, Christopher.

Grezine, Ivan.

Griffiths, Paul.

Griggs, C. Wilfred.

Grillmeyer, Aloys.

Gross, Abraham.

Grotowski, Piotr L.

Grunenberg, Konrad.

Grypeou, Emmanouela.

Grypeou Encounter of Eastern Christianity with Early Islam.

Guidoboni, Emanuela.

Guillaumont, Antoine.

Gunther, Sebastian.

Gurkan, Salime Leyla.

Gurtner, Daniel M.

Guynn, Noah D.


Haak Robert.

Haas N.

Hachlili, Rachel.

Haderer, Gerhard.

Haelewyck, Jean-Claude.

Hahn, Cynthia Jean.

Haines, Roy.

Haldon, John F.

Halfond, Gregory I.

Halkin, Francois.

Hall, Linda.

Halliwell, Stephen.

Halsall, Guy.

Hamerton-Kelly, R.G.

Hames, Harvey.

Hamilton, David.

Hamm, Berndt.

Hammer, Olaf.

Handbook of Christianity in Japan.

Handbook of the Sociology of Religion.

Hanson, Anthony.

Harding, John.

Harmon, Daniel E

Harris, David.

Harris, Ian Charles.

Harris, Matthew Edward.

Harrison Peter.

Hartwig, Melinda.

Hauser, Arnold.

Haxley, Aldous.

Hayward C.T.R.

Head, Tom.

Heath J. M. F.

Heaton, Matthew M.

Hebrews: Contemporary Methods ...

Heck, Gene.

Hefele, Charles.

Henderson, J. Frank.

Henderson, Rut.

Hengel, Martin.

Matthias, Henze.

Herbinius, Ioannes.

Heresy and the Persecuting Society in the Middle Ages.

Heresy in transition.

Hergenroether J.

Hering, Gunnar.

Herrin, Judith.

Herrmann, Joachim.

Hicks, Leonie V.

Hidden Origins of Islam.

Hienz, Justin.

Higashibaba, Ikuo.

Higginbotham, Carolyn R.

Higginbotham, Joyce & River.

Hildebrandt M.M.

Hilaire de Poitiers.

Hildegard von Bingen.

Hileman, James.

Hillenbrand, F. K

Hillenbrand, Robert.

Himka, John-Paul.

Hind, Arthur.

Hinton, Alexander.

Hinton, David.

Hippolyte de Rome.

Hirshfield, Claire.

Historical Dictionary of the Orthodox Church.

Historical Jesus in context.

Historiography in the Middle Ages., 2003.

History of the Church. Ed. Hubert Jedin, John Dolan.

A History of Counterinsurgency: From  South Africa to Algeria, 1900-1954.

History of the Crusades. Ed. Kenneth M Setton.

History of Everyday Life.

Hogenberg, Frank.

Holden, Colin.

Hollander, David.

Holocaust Encyclopedia.

Holocaust: Origins, Implementation, Aftermath.

Holocaust: A Reader.

Holt, Mack.

Holy People.

Homer, the Bible, and beyond.

Homosexuality and Religion.

Hoover, Roy.

Hopkins, David C.

Hope, Nicholas.

Horbury, William.

Horn, Gerd-Rainer.

Hornkohl, Aaron D.

Horovitz H.S.

Hosking, Geoffrey.

Hosler, John D.

Houlden, Leslie.

Household and Family Religion in Antiquity.

Howes, Dustin Ells.

Howie, Cary.

Huff, Toby E.

Hultgard, Anders.

Hultin, Jeremy F.

Human Sacrifice

Humour and History.

Humour and Religion. 2011.

Humphries, Jane.

Humphries, Mark.

Hunt, Emily J.

Hunt, Patrick.

Hurtado, Larry W.

Hurter, Bill.

Hurwitz, Hyman.

Husband, Timothy Bates.

Hypatia's Daughters.

Hvalvik, Reidar


Ideal Figures in Ancient Judaism.

Ideas, Images, and Methods... 2005.

Ignace d'Antioche.

Ignatieff, Michael

Ilan, Tal.

Ilg, Albert.

Images et signes ...

Images of Medieval Sanctity.

"In Search of Truth": Augustine, Manichaeism and other Gnosticism.

In Quest of the Historical Pharisees.

Intellectual Life in the Middle Ages. 1992.

Interpreting Late Antiquity. Essays on the Postclassical World.

Intervention, Terrorism, and Torture.

Is the Holocaust Unique?

Is This Tomorrow: America Under Communism.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict...

It Is Written: Scripture Citing Scripture.

Isaacson, Walter

Izdebski, Adam.


Jackson A.V.W.

Jackson, Glenna.

Jacobs, Janet.

Jacobs, Lou Jr.

Jacobson, Howard.

James, Brother of Jesus, 2012.

Janse M.

Jarvis, Helen.

Jean Moschus.

Jedin, Hubert.

Jenks, Gregory.

Jenkins, John Philip.

Jensen, Robin Margaret.

Jeremias, Joachim.

Jerusalem, Alexandria, Rome, 2003.

Jerusalem Archaeology, 2013.

Jewish Believers in Christ.

Jewish Blood: Reality and metaphor in history, religion and culture.

Jewish Encyclopedia.

Jewish Daily Life in Germany, 1618-1945.

John and Qumran.

John Rufus.

Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima.

Jonas, Raymondes.

Jones, David.

Jones Jossey-Bass, T.

Jones, Michael Keenan.

Jones, Owen.

Jones, Stanley.

Jonge, Martinus de.

Johnson, Paul.

Johnson, Penelope D.

Johnson, Sara.

Jonsson, Jakob.

Jordan, Mark D.

Joseph, Simon

Judaisms and their Messiahs...

Juravsky, Daniel.


Kaeuper R.W.

Kalnofojskiy A.

Kaminka, Armand.

Kamitsuka, David G.

Kannaday Wayne.

Kannengiesser, Charles.

Kantor Jean-Michel.

Kantorowizc, Ernst.

Karady, Viktor.

Karpozilos, Apostolos.

Kellner, Menachem.

Kellog, Michael.

Kempf, Friedrich.

Kent, John.

Kerr, Julie.

Kershaw, Ian.

Khan, Arshad.

Kyle, Donald.

Kieckhefer, Richard.

Kiernan, Ben.

Killebrew, Ann E.

Kim, Seyoon.

King, Christopher.

King, Karen L.

Kingsmill, Edmee.

Kinlaw, Pamela.

Kisch, Guido.

Klarman, Michael J.

Klijn, Albertus Frederik Johannes.

Klingshirn, William E.

Knibb, Michael.

Knight, Chris.

Knoll, Israel.

Knust Jennifer.

Knuuttila, Simo.

Koltun-Fromm, Naomi.

Kolve V.A.

Korzcak, Janusz.

Kosinski, Rafal.

Koskenniemi, Erkki.

Kottak, Conrad Phillip.

Krans, Jan.

Kreeft, Peter.

Kuipers, Giselinde.

Kutscher, Yechezkel.


Lacy, John.

Ladd, Roger A.

Lalo, Alexei.

De Lange N.

Landy, Francis.

Lane, Nick.

Langella, Aniello.

 Language Environment of First Century Judaea.

Lansing, Carol.

Larchet, Jean-Claude.

Larkum,  Anthony W. D

Late Antique and Medieval Art of the Mediterranean World.

Latourette, Kenneth Scott.

Latta, Robert L.

Lawrence, Jr., Raymond J.

Lazarides, Paul.

Leclerсq H.

Lemche, Niels Peter.

Lang, Uwe Michael.

Legacy of John.

Lev Ari, Lilach.

Levick, Barbara.

Levine, Amy-Jill.

Levine, Baruch.

Levine, David.

Levine, Lee.

Levinson, Bernard M.

Lewis, James.

Lewis, Jack P.

Lezano, Daniel.

Liberation Theology.

Liberation Theology and Sexuality.

Liebenberg, Jacobus.

Lieberman, Benjamen.

Lieberman, Saul.

Lierman, John.

Lieu, J.M.

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