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The apocalyptic year 1000 religious expectation and social change, 950-1050. Edited by
Richard Landes, Andrew Gow, and David C. Van Meter. Oxford University Press, 2003. 377 pgs.

Опись А, №41089.

Конференция 1996 г.

I. Awaiting the End of Time around the Turn of the Year 1000,17
Johannes Fried
1. The Apocalyptic Year 1000 in Medieval Thought
2. Stalking the Signs: The Apocalyptic Commentaries, 67
Guy Lobrichon
3. Adso of Montier-en-Der and the Fear of the Year 1000, 81
Daniel Verhelst
4. Thietland's Commentary on Second Thessalonians: Digressions
on the Antichrist and the End of the Millennium, 93
Steven R. Cartwright
5. Avarice and the Apocalypse, 109
Richard Newhauser
6. Waiting for the Millennium, 121
Umberto Eco
II. The Apocalyptic Year 1000 in Medieval Art and Literature
7. Apocalypse and Last Judgment around the Year 1000,139
Yves Christe

8. The Millennium, Time, and History for the Anglo-Saxons, 155
Malcolm Godden
9. The Cult of St. Michael the Archangel and the "Terrors
of the Year 1000," 181
Daniel F. Callahan
10. Eschatology, Millenarian Apocalypticism, and the Liturgical
Anti-Judaism of the Medieval Prophet Plays, 205
Regula Meyer Evitt
11. Visualizing the Millennium: Eschatological Rhetoric
for the Ottonian Court, 231
Susan E. von Daum Tholl
III. Historiography of the Apocalyptic Year 1000
12. The Fear of an Apocalyptic Year 1000: Augustinian
Historiography, Medieval and Modern, 243
Richard Landes
13. Eschatological Imagination and the Program of
Roman Imperial and Ecclesiastical Renewal at the End
of the Tenth Century, 271
Benjamin Arnold
14. "Satan's Bonds Are Extremely Loose":
Apocalyptic Expectation in Anglo-Saxon England during
the Millennial Era, 289
William Prideaux-Collins
15. Apocalyptic Moments and the Eschatological Rhetoric
of Reform in the Early Eleventh Century: The Case of
the Visionary of St. Vaast, 311
David C. Van Meter
IV. Tools and Sources
16. The Astronomical Situation around the Year 1000, 329
Bradley E. Schaefer
17. Selected Documents on Eschatological Expectations and
Social Change around the Year 1000, 337
David C. Van Meter
Index, 347

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