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Witnessing the disaster: essays on representation and the Holocaust. Ed. Michael Bernard-Donals and Richard Glejzer. The University of Wisconsin Press, 2003. 325 pp.

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Introduction: Representations of the Holocaust and the End of Memory 3

Michael Bernard-Donals and Richard Glejzer

The Holocaust as Vicarious Past: Art Spiegelman's Maus and the Afterimages of History 23

James E. Young

"The Language of Dollars": Multilingualism and the Claims of English in Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust 46

Alan Rosen

A Pedagogy of Trauma (or a Crisis of Cynicism): Teaching, Writing, and the Holocaust 75

Janet Alsup

The "Erotics of Auschwitz": Coming of Age in The Painted Bird and Sophie's Choice 90

Sharon Oster

Maus and the Epistemology of Witness 125

Richard Glejzer

Memory, Authenticity, and the "Jewish Question"


Promiscuous Reading: The Problem of Identification and Anne Frank's Diary

Susan David Bernstein

Humboldt's Gift and Jewish American Self-Fashioning "After Auschwitz" 162

Elizabeth Jane Bellamy

Mormon Literature and the Irreducible Other: Writing the Unspeakable in Holocaust Literature 183

Reinhold Hill

Beyond the Question of Authenticity: Witness and Testimony in the Fragments Controversy 196

Michael Bernard-Donals

The Ethical Imperative

Maurice Blanchot: Fighting Spirit 221

Geoffrey Hartman

Shoah and the Origins of Teaching 231

David Metzger

Teaching (after) Auschwitz: Pedagogy between Redemption and Sublimity 245

Michael Bernard-Donals and Richard Glejzer

Approaching Limit Events: Siting Agamben 262

Dominick LaCapra

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