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Яков Кротов. Путешественник по времени. Вспомогательные материалы: Хазары.

The World of the Khazars. Eds. Golden P.B., Ben-Shammai H., Ron¡-Tas A. Leiden: Bryll, 2007. 469 pp.

Опись А, №40974.

(Handbook of Oriental Studies/Handbuch Der Orientalistik)"

Contents Preliminary material (i-viii)

Introduction (1-2)

Opening remarks (3-6) by Haggai Ben-Shammai

Khazar studies: Achievements and perspectives (7-58) by Peter B. Golden

The Alans: Neighbours of the khazars in the Caucasus (59-74) by Irina A. Arzhantseva

The Khazar language (75-108) by Marcel Erdal

New findings relating to hebrew epigraphic sources from the Crimea, with an appendix on the readings in king Joseph's letter (109-122) by Artem Fedorchuk

The conversion of the khazars to judaism (123-162) by Peter B. Golden

Byzantine sources for Khazar history (163-194) by James Howard-Johnston

Al-Khazar and a?-?aqâliba: Contacts and Conflicts? (195-206) by Tatiana Kalinina

Some observations on the economy of the Khazar Khaganate (207-244) by Thomas S. Noonan

Khazaria and Rus': An examination of their historical relations (245-268) by Vladimir Petrukhin

The khazars and the magyars (269-278) by András Róna-Tas

The khazar motif in the Kuzari of Judah Halevi (279-290) by Eliezer Schweid

Iranian sources on the khazars (291-306) by Dan Shapira

Armenian and georgian sources on the khazars: A re-evaluation (307-352) by Dan Shapira

The story of a euphemism: The khazars in russian nationalist literature (353-372) by Victor Shnirelman

The khazars and the world of Islam (373-386) by David Wasserstein

Yiddish evidence for the khazar component in the Ashkenazic Ethnogenesis (387-398) by Paul Wexler

The khazars and Byzantium—The first encounter (399-403) by Constantine Zuckerman

The Two sources of Movses Dasxuranc'I on Heraclius' campaign (404-416)

The khazars' appearance north-west of the Caspian: Whence? (417-425)

The khazars' appearance north-west of the Caspian: When? (426-432)

Select bibliography (433-446) (174K) Index (447-460)


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