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Яков Кротов. Путешественник по времени. Вспомогательные материалы: 16 век.

Коллекция автографов братьев Редезеллей. 1593 г.

Georgius Riedesell in Eisenbach, mense Ianuario anni ab orbe redempto [M] [D] XCIIV.[1593]

Опись А, №30640.

Рукопись хранится в университете Бригема Янга.


Title page consists of the illuminated Riedesel arms, flanked by a scholar and a soldier painted in gouache of several colors; scrollwork bearing elegiac Latin verses above, signed Jac: M. N. C. Ownership inscription with the first two names cancelled, dated January 1593

The album was assembled by Volpert, Hermann, and Georg Riedesel; it finally passed into the hands of Georg alone who continued to collect autographs in Tübingen, Jena, Marburg, Strassburyg, and Geneva

Each autograph is accompanied by sententiae, of noted humanists, theologians, lawyers, physicians, and poets

F. 29a. Johannes Winckelmann, professor of theology -- F. 33a. Petrus Nigidius, doctor of law and moral philosophy -- F. 36a. David Magirus, professor of law -- F. 42a. Nicolaus Reusner, poet and jurist -- F. 45 a. Liborius Hofman, professor of law -- F. 45 b. Ambrosius Reudenius, dean of the faculty of theology -- F. 46a. Jacob Welsen, professor of law -- F. 47a. Theodore Beza, French reformer -- F. 60b. Jacques Lect, jurisconsult, scholar and poet; friend of Beza -- F. 61a. Hermann Vulteius, jurist -- F. 62a. Phillip Matthaeus, jurist -- F. 63a. Denys Godefroy, jurist, editor of the Justinian code -- F. 66a. Johann Ludwing Hawenreuter, professor of medicine -- F. 69a. Johannes Ferinarius, professor of theology -- F. 75a. Otto Melander, poet and doctor of law -- F. 76a. Joannes Paludius, friend of Theodore Beza

F. 3a. Johannes Hoehman, doctor of law -- F. 4a. Jacob Heerbrand, professor of theology -- F. 5a. Stephan Gerlach, theologian, chancellor & provost -- F. 6a. Matthias Haffenreffer, theologian -- F. 7a. Johannes George Sigwart, theologian and rector -- F. 8a. Nicholas Warnbüler, professor of law -- F. 9a. Andrea Laubmarius, professor of law -- F. 10a. Mathias Enzlin, professor of law -- F. 10b. Johannes Halbritter, professor of law -- F. 11a. Johann Harpprecht, professor of law & rector -- F. 12a. George Weiganmeier, professor of oriental languages. His quotations are in Hebrew Ethiopic, and Aramaic and Arabic -- F. 12b. Rodolphus Goclenius, poet and professor of logic -- F. 13a. Andreas Osiander, orator to the Duke of Württemberg and chancellor at Tübingen -- F. 14a. Georg Hamberger, professor of medicine -- F. 15a. Andreas Planer, professor of medicine -- F. 16a. Daniel Mögling, professor of medicine -- F1 17a. Georg Liebler, professor of natural philosophy -- F. 18a. Martin Crusius, Hellenist -- F. 19a. George Burckhard, professor and librarian -- F. 20a. Michael Maestlin, teacher of Kepler -- F. 20b. Johann Stromer, professor of law -- F. 21a. Erhard Celius, professor of poetry and history -- F. 22a. Henri Estienne, printer and humanist -- F. 23a. Bernardus Praetorius, poet laureate -- F. 24a. Melchior Junius, professor of rhetoric and rector at Strassburg -- F. 24b. Johannes Pappus, Lutheran theologian at Strassburg -- F. 25a. Philip

F. 25b. Georgius Mylius (Müller), professor of theology -- F. 26a. Herman Lersner, professor of law and vice-chancellor at marburg -- F. 27a. Goerg Obrecht, juriconsult at Strassburg




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