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Sottili, Agostino. Humanismus und Universitatsbesuch - Renaissance Humanism and University Studies (Education and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance) (German Edition). Brill Academic Publishers, 2006. 521 pp.

Опись А, №40494.

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14 cтатей о распространении Г. в Европе - немецкие студенты в итальянских ун-тетах и их судьба.

This book collects 14 articles that contribute to reconstructing the history of the spread of Humanism in Europe. It examines the presence of students from German lands in Italian Universities, their careers after returning to their homeland, and documents the penetration of Humanism in Germany through the dissemination of classical and humanistic authors. These subjects were studied by students who came to Italy mainly to study medicine or law. By using University degree documents as a research source, the author was able to outline various aspects of university history, especially that of Pavia: the relation between Universities and their cultural and political contexts, teaching methods and the organisation of University and student institutions, the attainment of academic titles. Among the degrees examined is that of Petrarch; other documents provide valuable information on the biographies of eminent humanists.

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