Philip Hughes

Philip Hughes. Roman Catholic bishop, I guess. I didn't manage to find any biographical information on him; he is superseded by another Philip, famous pitcher. I think bishop cannot be a pitcher?

Hughes, Philip. A History Of The Church.

Volume I: The Church And The World In Which The Church Was Founded

Volume II: The Church And The World The Church Created
Augustine To Aquinas

Volume III: The Revolt Against The Church
Aquinas To Luther.

First Published 1934
Revised Edition 1949

Complete text: http://mafg.home.isp-direct.com/book/v1toc.htm - divided in parts. The same: http://www.catholicsource.net/church_history.htm

Whole text (3 mb) http://www.ewtn.com/library/CHISTORY/HUGHHIST.TXT

His other book: The Church in Crisis: A History of the General Councils, 325 - 1870. http://www.christusrex.org/www1/CDHN/coun0.html. First published in NY, 1960.

One more book: The Reformation in England, Macmillan, 1951 - can be found at: http://www.questia.com/library/book/the-reformation-in-england-by-philip-hughes.jsp

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