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I am Russian, married, I have two sons and one grand-daughter, I earn my living as a radio-preacher. I live in Moscow. I am Russian Orthodox priest and my bishop is Igor' Isichenko, bishop of the Ukranian Orthodox Autocephalous Church. More about myself.

‎"There is an abyss of love deeper than the abyss of death" (Rev. Frederick Maurice, 1854.) Chartist, founder of English Christian Socialism. Phrase sounds so Victorian, even Alicee-in-Wonderlandian. Love is not an abyss but a mountain.

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Pentagon includes Defense Department's "Anti-Terrorism Force Protection" (ATFP). Thomas Bruce, the Army reserve chaplain, created another ATFP: a web-based prayer movement called Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer. He registered the website as http://atfp.org/. Great idea. I wonder only aren't we obliged to choose: either to pray for enemy or to bomb enemy... Mt 6:24, you know...

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I read a lot in English, but I don't have English-speakers around me, this explains the peculiarites of my style while writing in English. I was especially at odds with articles in school, and I still don't understand them well and put them just from time to time when it seems to me proper from the poetical (rythme) point of view.


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