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Rev. Andrey Davydov

Curriculum Vita


Mailing address: Russia, Pskov, 180007 Gorkogo 5-a

Phone: +007-8112-445-001

E-mail stjohn@ellink.ru




  • M.F.A., 1980  – Moscow Art Theater Drama School, Department of Stage Design, profession – Stage and costume designer,
  • Apprenticeship in icon-painting,
  • 1980 Collaboration with Father Zinon Teodor, eminent works  always together
  • 1981-1988. Apprenticeship in fresco painting,
  • 1982-1987 Workshop of the Moscow Patriarchy



  • 1979-1981: Moscow Malaia Bronnaia Theater Company (stage design),
  • 1982: Childrens Literature Publishing House (book illustration and graphic design)
  • 1982-83: several Moscow movie theaters (interior design)

Icons, Frescoes, Mercury Gilding, and Iconostasises:

  • 1993-present: St. John the Baptist’s Church (Pskov)
  • Chevetogne Monastery, Belgium,
  • 1996-present Churches in the cities of Moscow, Vladimir, Riga, Belgorod, Kaluga and other  cities, 1985-Monastery de Solam, France, 1998
  • 1997, : mercury gilding with fire heating - New Valaam MonasteryFinland
  • 1990 Kievo-Pecherskii Monastery, Kiev,
  • 1989-1990 Pskovo-Pecherskii Monastery, Pskov,
  • 1987 Icons and frescos, Danilovskii Monastery, Moscow,
  • 1987; The Holy Trinity Church, Riga, Latvia,
  • 1986 Trinity-Sergiev Monastery, Zagorsk(now-SergievPosad),
  • 1998. The State Art and Architectural Museum of Pskov.

In total, there are more three hundred icons, frescoes and metal works by Rev. Andrey Davydov located in churches and private collections in Russia, France, USA, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Japan and other countries around the world.


  • 1981-1988: altar boy, psalmist, regent in the Moscow churches  Trinity on The Vorobyovye hills, St. Nicholas church at the Rogozhskaia Zastava, John The Varrior's church on the Yakimanka, St. Alexy's Church, Moscow
  • 1988: ordained as priest of Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy)
  • 1988-1990: The Dean of St. Sergy church in Vekshniay, Lithuania
  • 1990-1993: The Dean of the Pokrov church in Vyshky Latvia
  • 1993-present: The Dean, St. John the Baprist Cathedral, Pskov.



  • 1990-present: Professor of the third senior class of icon-painting, Andrey Rublev Association, Trento, North Italy - Courses taught: Master-classes in icon painting, Theory and History of Icon Painting, Russian Orthodox Theology .
  • 1993-present: Head of the International Icon Painting workshop, St. John the Baptist’s Church, Pskov, Russia. Permanent courses in Pskov, the Icon Painting Workshop of St. John The Baptist.
  • 1990-1998: Guest lecturer in Icon painting laboratory in Trento (North Italy).
  • 1998: Guest lecturer, Monastero di Bose (North Italy)
  • 1996: Guest lecturer, Seriate (Bergamo), Italy
  • 1994: Pskov - Icon Painting  courses for a group of french icon-painters from Grenoble (South France).
  • 1993: Guest lecturer, Chevetogne Monastery (Belgium).
  • 1992: Guest lecturer, Latvia
  • 1990: Guest lecturer, New Valaam Monastery (Finland)




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  • 1995 – Personal exhibition: Trento, Italy
  • 1996 – Personal exhibition: Padova, Italy
  • 1995 – Personal exhibition: State Etnography Museum, St. Peterburg
  • 1997-1998: “Orthodox Russia”,  St. Peterburg
  • 1998: “The Modern Icon”, Moscow



Critical dossier about my work and my philosophy of icon-painting (including letters by Komech A. I. -- ) is available upon request.


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