Natalya Trauberg

Famous Russian Christian essayist Natalya Trauberg . Natalya Trauberg translated virtually all essays of Chesterton and Lewis. What is more important: she bestowed these authors with her own superb, vivid and exquisite style, making them most popular in Russia. I think 50% of the success of Chesterton and 70% of Lewis's success in Russia are because of the style of Natalya Trauberg. She was good friend of Fr. Alexander Menn. She lived in Lithuania for many years and was an example of Christian with two lungs. One time she was the member of the third order of St. Dominic, but after Gorbachev the leaders of the order made her choose: either to become only Roman Catholic or to leave. Now she is a parishioner of the Russian Orthodox Church. She has one son, one daughter and many grandchildren.

Her article about Wodehouse.